Quickly evacuate the parasites


There are several effective traditional formulas and this is one of them. A cup of pumpkin seeds (about 80 seeds) peeled and crushed is used Detoxant Review. Mix with the water of a coconut and two tablespoons of honey. They are taken in the period of three hours fasting. At the end, the castor oil is taken in order to quickly evacuate the parasites.

Papain is the digestive enzyme that contains papaya and is capable of breaking down the outer layer of an adult parasite. The milky juice of green papaya is a powerful agent to destroy roundworms.

The dose for an adult is prepared with a spoonful of fresh juice of a green papaya, the same amount of honey and three or four tablespoons of hot water Detoxant Review. At two o’clock a dose of castor oil mixed with warm milk should be administered. This treatment must be repeated for two days if necessary.

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