Fixed onto the skin

Skin Care

You should fix it, because the ecological pollutants are fixed onto the skin. It should be a highly effective cleaning to get rid of dead cells and never very aggressive, so they won’t get rid of the Inno Gialuron Review constituents and never to change the optimum PH.

Normal skin doesn’t present visible lesions or discomfort, with balance of biological processes, for example: keratinization, desquamation, lack of water, secretion of sebum and sweating.

The dried-out skin has decreased thickness, small glandular holes, little sebaceous and sweaty secretion, dry, opaque, scaly surface and sense of tightness. The oily skin has elevated thickness, elevated glandular holes, sebaceous and elevated sweat secretion, unctuous, moist Inno Gialuron Review, shiny surface and inclination to acne.

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